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Color your dreams on the island of Cozumel, a vibrant land steeped in rich history with beauty that stretches far beyond its spectacular shores.

Just twelve miles off the Yucatan coast, Cozumel draws divers and snorkelers from around the globe. Once described by Jacques Cousteau as the best diving area in the world, famous Palancar Reef lies three miles offshore and is renowned for its underwater clarity of up to 150 feet. On the eastern side, white beaches are left as they were when Mayans inhabited the island. Take a jeep tour, explore ruins in the jungles, or snorkel in the Chankanaab Lagoon, which features the only inland coral reef formation in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Cozumel all-inclusive package include?

If you go on an all-inclusive vacation in Cozumel, your resort, food, drinks, flights, airport transfers, and entertainment are included without any surprise costs.

What is Cozumel best known for?

Cozumel is globally known for its scuba diving and proximity to the world’s top diving sites. The Mesoamerican reefs are the second-largest reef system in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef), and there is extensive coral and sea life with incredible visibility. Make sure to bring your Go-Pro!

Why do your customers choose Cozumel resorts?

Located off the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is one of Mexico’s most prestigious vacation destinations due to its diving sites and beach activities.

What is Cozumel’s time zone?

Cozumel operates on Eastern Standard Time, but do not adjust the clocks for daylight savings time. Since 2015, Cozumel has not change its clocks and keeps the same time all year round.

Does Cozumel have a nightlife?

The nightlife in Cozumel is comprised of a large collection of bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. It’s the perfect place for a group getaway or a couple’s retreat!

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